Drummer Bobby Kennedy was a founding member of Opshop, one of the most successful bands in New Zealand history.  They topped the charts, toured the world and experienced all sides of the music industry. Bobby has also played for many other greats including Stereobus and Neil Finn and he currently tours with AutoMatic 80s.

Guitarist and singer Danny McCrum is a solo artist and a session musician.  He’s released three albums, he’s been a full time musician for over twelve years and he’s played support for numerous top artists including Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Simple Minds, Bryan Ferry, Tommy Emmanuel, John Mayer and many more.  He currently tours with a number of acts and runs a successful production company.  www.dannymccrum.com

'While on the road travelling between shows, we discussed the idea of a documentary and podcast series that reveals what it's really like to be a modern creative professional. We thought what better way than to go straight to the source? So we’re simply recording conversations with those who are out there doing it.'  The resulting episodes are interesting, insightful, funny and hopefully a positive contribution to the creative industries.